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Shipping Fresh Fruit, Cakes & Baked Goods, Flowers, Fresh Cheese, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries & Other Perishables

Chocolate dipped strawberries, fresh cheese, fresh fruit, baked goods, and flowers are perishable and, therefore, must be shipped quickly.

For this reason, we highly recommend customers request to have fresh fruit, fresh cheese & chocolate dipped strawberries to be shipped on an express, same day or next day basis only. Same day service is free in the Greater Toronto Area and suburbs on orders over $100.

If a customer does not choose same-day or rush service for a chocolate dipped fruit order, we may substitute the fresh strawberries with truffles or strawberries made of dark or milk chocolate so they arrive in good condition. During the hot summer months - June to August - we recommend rush or same day service for chocolate dipped strawberries.

If you order fresh cheese, we may substitute non-perishable cheese if the expected delivery times are more than 24 hours or if the cheese could go bad.

If a customer requests delivery of fruit, fresh cheese, chocolate dipped strawberries, etc. by ground shipping, we cannot guarantee freshness or the quality of these items when they are received and will not refund customers if items have melted or the items are received in less than perfect condition.

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