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Placing an order with Beer & Grub

Where’s My Tracking Number?
When your box goes out each month, we'll send an email the email address we have on file with your tracking number. If you don't see that, you can always log in to your account and see your most recent tracking number on your account page. ...
I’m Moving. How Do I Change My Address?
It's important to change your address as soon as possible when you move so we can make sure your package gets to you. If you crate has already shipped and you have just moved, please email us right away and we’ll make sure to do whatever we can ...
What Are The Benefits Of Subscribing To Beer & Grub?
Our subscription services introduce customers to a range of scrumptious beer and snacks that are perfectly paired together. Each one of our subscriptions are handpicked and are meant to complement each beer’s flavour with that selected...
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