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My Shipment Arrived Damaged - What Do I Do?

If upon receiving your delivery you notice that a package is visibly damaged, we recommended that you inspect the package for damaged before signing for and accepting it, then make note of any product damaged to the delivery service.

To process a damage claim please complete the following steps within 24 hrs of receiving the shipment.

  • If you're able, notate damages on Bill of Lading.
  • Take photos of the box(s) your item was shipped in. Additionally, please take clear photos of any labels including shipping labels and labels identifying the product
  • Take clear photos of the damaged items, rememerbing to zoom in/highlight in on any of the damages
  • You may be asked to complete a Damage Claim Form.
  • Please do not dispose of any items unless directed to do so by our customer service department. If the item is a perishable item, please ensure a clear photograph has been obtained prior to disposing of it.

Please help us with the claims process by photographing the damage and the packaging, and emailing the photos to the customer service. In some cases, our Customer Service Department will process a return authorization for the damaged item which will need to be repackaged in the original box and returned to the address on the return authorization.

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